Natural Viticulture

Nature is our most valuable asset. We take great efforts to preserve and promote the diversity of flora and fauna. Most of our grapes are harvested by hand and sorted with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality.

Quality requires continuous inspection. To produce exceptional wines, we watch closely over the quality of the grapes. In doing so, we rely not only on technical analyses but above all on our senses. Only aromatic, healthy and fully-ripened grapes produce outstanding wines.

Tasting Together

We lay great emphasis on the exchange of views within the family. Tasting our wines together, we discuss their stylistic development and like to compare them with the wines of our esteemed colleagues and of others whose lead we follow.

Natural Winemaking

In the cellar we allow our grapes the time they need to reach their full potential. Where possible, we encourage spontaneous ferments with wild yeasts from the vineyard and cellar. For our single-vineyard wines, wild yeast ferments are the norm, resulting in distinctive wines that are full of character.