Our Homeland

Herxheim am Berg was known to have a favourable microclimate for viticulture as far back as the Romans, who brought viticulture to what is today the Pfalz in 58 B.C.

The hills facing the sun and protected by the Pfalz forest provide perfect conditions for the delicate grapes.

Our Vineyards

We cultivate 21ha of vineyards in and around the highest wine village on the German Wine Route. Our vineyard management is sustainable and as natural as possible. We aim for vineyards full of life and an intact cultural landscape that provides ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of aromatic grapes. Our emphasis lies on the cultivation and processing of Riesling and Burgundian varieties.

Our Foundations

The deep, calcareous soils around Herxheim, partly mixed with clay and loam, are the basis of our work. They were formed around 25 million years ago when the tropical oceans pushed forward into the Rhine Valley. Today they impart tension and minerality to our wines, especially those from Riesling and Burgundian varieties.