Our estate

Our estate looks back on a 350-year-old winemaking tradition. For generations, we have been managing our vineyards sustainably and as naturally as possible. The must matures slowly in more than 100-year-old oak barrels into wines of the highest quality. We make wines the way we like them most: clearly-structured, with a mineral character.

Tirolean roots

The Pfalz, depopulated after the Thirty Years´ War, attracted large numbers of Tirolean craftsmen to settle and rebuild the region. Among them, Caspar Gabel came to Herxheim, where he founded our estate in 1655. It has been under family ownership ever since. Lisa and Oliver Gabel continue this tradition in the 13th generation. As a tribute, we have planted the South-Tirolean variety, Lagrein.

Oak maturation

Most of our wines are matured in large wooden barrels, some of which are over 100 years old, as well as in small, new oak barrels. The gentle microoxidation enabled by the wood brings out the powerful character of the wines and provides structure. Working with old barrels requires a good deal of experience and an active exchange of expertise across generations.